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We are home to Miniature Horses and Great Dane Dogs.


Willowell Farms is located in Northwest Pennsylvania on a hill that provides both beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I share this place with my husband, three dogs, two cats, seventeen chickens and eighteen horses, as well as a field of deer, ducks, various songbirds and whatever might wander onto our land. They are all my critters.
2 Danes

My goal is to raise healthy and happy animals in a safe environment. I work with my animals every day to encourage them to be friendly and respectful of their human caretakers. They become used to being with people and other horses at an early age and are taught to be good companions. All of our animals are treated with kindness and the respect that they deserve. We are not a show oriented farm, but some of our offspring are show quality. They also make great 4-H prospects, driving prospects and are always great lawn trimmers.
The miniatures are AMHR registered. Many have forever homes here and some will be offered for sale each year. Please check our Sales page for current offerings.

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Riding Horses
I can't forget my big guys. They complete my life.

I have added a big Gal for contrast. Lady Lace is a registered Clydesdale and truly a gentle giant who loves the minis.

I also can't forget my Dad who gave me life and the inspiration to live it to the fullest. He will always be remembered.

If you have ever been interested in building a Log Home, check our custom built Log Homes at the link below to see the many options available.
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