Great Danes
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The very first thing you will notice about minis is that they have no fear. They are curious about everything and readily go through water, over plastic tarps, through small openings, etc. They don't have the built in fears that our riding horses seem to have. They are horses, but horses like you have never met before - they are just fascinating little creatures. I want to share with you some of my Miniature Horses.

Freddie was my first horse. I bought him as a two year old stallion. He is a sorrel WCMHR stud and a real character as well as totally lovable and very easy to handle.His ice blue eyes make him truly unique.

Crista was bought as a companion for Freddie and possible broodmare. I found her in miserable conditions. It turned out that she was over 20 years old and blind in one eye and not the mare I thought I paid for. I did the right thing to buy her and have recently sold her to a loving home where she will be very spoiled.

Braveheart is my Mini foundation stallion. He was foaled in 2002 and has Moss Grove, Hobby Horse, Whipporwill and Del Terra in his pedigree. A perfect little gentleman with a show ring prance, great looks and well behaved.

Braveheart with his friends.

Suzy is a beautiful Champagne Dun with big, soft eyes that she passes on to her babies and a generous mane. She was foaled in 1999.

             Lady was foaled in 2003 and has a pedigree of Flying W Farms and Bond. Nicely marked with long legs and an expressive face.

             Amber was foaled in 2003 with a pedigree of Bond and Six Gems. She is 32" tall with perfect proportions and a refined head.

             Sunshine was foaled in 1998 with Circle A and Hobby Horse in her background. She is a rich bay with a silvery mane & tail.

             Punkin foaled in 1987 and Teddy foaled in 1994 are our senior girls. Moss Grove and Hobby Horse are in their backgrounds. They are still young at heart.

             Maggie foaled in 1997 is a beautiful silver dapple with a silvery white mane & tail. You have to see her long, white eyelashes! Hemlock Brooks and Dell Teras are in her background.

             Stormy is our latest purchase. She was foaled in 2004 and is the Appy mare I always wanted to add to our farm collection. Mini Brooks Farm, Hobby Horse and Moss Grove are all in her background. She has stunning Appy markings and has been started at driving training.



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I am glad you have met the Willowell Farms Minis. I invite you to visit our other pages to learn more about us. We are always happy to show off our Minis by appointment.

Kathy Wellington
Russell, PA