Horse Babies 2009
Willowell Farms 2009 Foals

Our new babies are starting to arrive and we are happy to have them join all our fur friends.

This beautiful little silver guy is WWF Lucky Silver Dollar. His mom is our mare Maggie, a beautiful dapple gray with a silver white mane and tale and his sire is our foundation stud, Braveheart. Dollar has been blessed with one blue eye and a delightful pinto pattern. His fancy gait will be sure to make him shine in the show ring. Silver Dollar is for sale. A deposit will keep him until weaned.

This beautiful and tiny filly is WWF Miss Lillian C. Her mom is our pinto mare Amber, and her sire is our foundation stud, Braveheart. Lilli is uniquely marked. Her dark head and dark shield around her tail make me think she is a Medicine Hat. Any comments? She absolutely loves people and cries out when you leave her.

WWF Miss Elizabeth S. Her mom is our pinto mare Teddy, and her sire is our foundation stud, Braveheart. Lizzi is a wonderful tri-color like her mom. I named the fillies after my late Grandmother's. Hope they won't mind.

Miss Peach Pie is out of Braveheart and Suzy. She is a dainty, beautiful peach color with red eyelashes, a red mane and dorsal stripe.

We are very pleased with new babies this year and can't wait to see them grow up.



For Sale



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Kathy Wellington
Russell, PA