Willowell Farms 2013 Foals

Our new babies are starting to arrive and we are happy to have them join all our furr friends.

Teddy delighted us with "Tucker" in May. He is very friendly, full of personality and two blue eyes. I have high hopes for this little guy.

Lady foaled "Parker" in May. He has nice markings and a delicate head, very playful and blends in well with the rest of the herd. I am offering him for sale.

Maggie had "Chester" in May. He is well built and stocky. Independent yet friendly. He is being offered for sale.

As always, we are very pleased with the new babies this year and can't wait to see them grow up to either stay with us or to find new loving homes. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a mini.



For Sale



Thanks for visiting Willowell Farms Foals page. I invite you to visit our other pages to learn more about us. We are always happy to show off our Minis by appointment.

Kathy Wellington
Russell, PA